Water supply & datascience

Hello, my name is Martin and i am a water supply specialist working with water distribution networks. I am employed by EnviDan.

My primary focuses are hydraulic and transient modelling, network planning, non revenue water and datascience.

I have recently taken an interest in datascience and machine learning.

Primary skills

Hydraulic modelling

Building and using hydraulic models for specific scenarios or operation online models for realtime monitoring for pressure and water quality problems.

Transient modelling

Building and using transient models to optimize design of networks to counter water hammer and analyze current problems.

Network planning

Deciding target goals of consumer service levels and determine means to reach these goals.


Exploratory Data Analysis, visualizations and machine learning with python and SQL.

years old
years of experience
km of pipes used in models

Worklife in coordinates

Folium is a python package that generates javascript code as an HTML file and displays a map with the data you would like to show and all sorts of features that can be added to the map.

Here i use logos as Custom icons for the data of the EnviDan offices and utilities i have worked for. The icons include tooltips on which type of work i have done for the utility.

You can open the map in a new tab here.