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Aquis is a modelling software first devloped by 7-Technologies in Denmark and later acquisitioned by Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric is per 2022 investing further into the devlopment of the software.

the software features its own hydraulic engine and is licensed as per the amount of volume either produced or consumed pr. hour.

Aquis used to feature a transient engine but this is currently not supported anymore.

Realtime modelling

Aquis is designed for realtime modelling and features a Data Manager part and a Data Manager Data Service part. The Data Service recieves SCADA data from various sources such as OPC, SQL, CSv files and more. The Data Manager processes the data and stores the data in an SQL database, where the realtime model uses the data as measurements in the model, either as boundary conditions or just as measurements of any kind the end user wants to display.

The full Aquis package includes a Master instance, Operator instance and Data Manager instance. The Master instance is the realtime model running 24/7, providing results on a specified interval, e.g. each 15 minuttes. The Operator instance can reside an end users PC and connect to the Master and synchronize the realtime results. The Operator is therefore a viewer of the realtime results, but it can also utilize simulations using SCADA data on a specific date.

Offline modelling

Though primarily designed as a realtime modelling software, Aquis features use of boundary conditions of either fixed or time series values and a library of formulas the end user can use to define new variables or change the standard variables to reflect the end users need, and thus can easily be used for offline modelling for network planning tasks.

I use Aquis extensively for danish utilities and maintain realtime models for our largest clients.

disclaimer: EnviDan is a System Integrator (SI) of Aquis.



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